RPG Events and Tabletop

It wouldn’t be MomoCon without some games!  Join us at Board Game Arena (you can join our team here!) for sessions with our tabletop gaming teachers all weekend!  Want to learn to play something on BGA?  Let us know in the Discord and we can teach you!

Learn to Play is now available!  Check out numerous videos available now to learn some new games online!

Role-Playing at Let’s Get Digital!

RPGs are going digital!  We’ll be running multiple game systems and startup games throughout MomoCon Let’s Get Digital!  RPGs are hosted through the MomoCon Discord.

RPG Volunteering

Want to DM for D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder and more at MomoCon Let’s Get Digital? Join us! Please reach out to the director, Ginny Loveday rpgs@momocon.com for additional information.


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