We know everyone worked incredibly hard on their cosplay, and right now it is gathering dust. So why don’t you bring out that cosplay and take a few pictures? You can share those pictures under the hashtag #MomoCosplay across Twitter, Instagram, TikTok among others and during MomoCon Let’s Get Digital we will highlight some of the best examples as a part of our Online Cosplay Showcase, and through the MomoCon Discord Server. (Photo featuring AllieCat Cosplay by Solita Delacruz Photography)

Costume Contests

One of the marquee events of MomoCon every year has been our Craftsmanship Costume Contest. While not quite the same experience as our contest at the convention, we are presenting a special showcase event to highlight some amazing cosplay talents, which we will stream live on MomoConTV during MomoCon Let’s Get Digital. We are asking for your short video submissions of your best new cosplay so we can highlight all of your amazing work!


More information and signups coming soon!

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