Super Soul Bros


Appearing at MomoCon on sat

Based in the San Jose, California, the Super Soul Bros deliver an explosive performance of live & funky video game music. Formed in 2012 by keyboardist Robbie Benson, the Super Soul Bros have gained renown for their dynamic musicianship, improvisation, and high-energy shows—something like cramming a James Brown record into a Super Nintendo.

The Super Soul Bros feature some of the SF bay area’s top budding talents, its members having performed with Aretha Franklin, Tony Lindsay (Santana), Ron E Beck (Tower of Power), Napoleon Murphy Brock (Frank Zappa) and many others.

Pooling their wide range of influences into this unique project, the Super Soul Bros’ sound and concept tends to capture audiences that transcend both genre and generation. The younger crowds that grew up playing Genesis and Super Nintendo enjoy a nostalgic trip from the familiar melodies, while older generations respond to the band’s sound, energy and high-level of musicianship.

With an extensive repertoire covering anywhere from Mario Kart, Sonic, Zelda and Pokemon to more obscure tracks like EarthBound, there is always something for everyone!

This is live video game music, with soul.

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