Mikal Mosley

Costumer Professional

Mikal Mosley is a avid convention goer and has presented at several major conventions over the past 10 years, such as DragonCon, MomoCon and San Diego ComicCon.  Mosley is currently a designer and creator of both professional stagewear and cosplay costumes for private clients and celebrities, including various WWE Superstars, rappers and NFL football players. In addition to creating more than 350 unique costumes from a variety of genres, He also designs and fabricate props for stage plays and television shows. He considers himself an expert at transforming everyday items into original accessories, and have inspired many long-time cosplayers into getting started designing their own creations on a budget. Footage of his craft can even be seen in two televised specials – one which aired on WWE Network this spring, with the second to premiere this fall on ESPN.  Find him on IG and Twitter at @therealmikalmosley

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