Online Broadcaster

Jayn is a Seattle-based, multi-genre and multi-language singer/songwriter who composes and arranges both covers, originals and remixes across Youtube, Soundcloud, Patreon and Spotify. With hundreds of youtube uploads, her discography includes the smash Overwatch parody collaboration ‘No Mercy’, and her original yandere-inspired song “Smoke and Mirrors”.

With over 37 million video views and a loyal fanbase of over 246,000 subscribers on YouTube, Jayn demonstrates an innate ability to connect with her audience through her audio-visual storytelling and genre-bending music. Often inspired by real life events and influenced by video game culture, Jayn leans into the visceral properties of music to create a sound that is deeply emotional and provocative.

While a singer-songwriter first and foremost, Jayn also creates music box arrangements for her own covers, and has uploaded a wide array of music box instrumental covers for various songs on her YouTube channel.

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