Christopher Wehkamp

Voice Actor

Appearing at MomoCon on fri sat sun

Christopher Wehkamp brings characters to life in anime and video games for studios like FUNimation Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, Gearbox Games, Hi-Rez Studios, Big Fish Games and more.  His popular roles include Shota ‘Eraserhead’ Aizawa (My Hero Academia), Majora (Dragon Ball Super), Susumu Kodai (Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199), Takehisa Hinawa (Fire Force), Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney), Mori Ougai (Meiji Tokyo Renka), Phil (Attack on Titan), Shingo Shoji (Initial D: Racer), Inazuma (One Piece), Mest Gryder and Ren (Fairy Tail) and both Kisho Arima and Tatara (Tokyo Ghoul). As for video games, Christopher appears in Gearbox Software highly anticipated 2019 release of “Borderlands 3” as ruthless Maliwan executive Katagawa Jr.

Christopher will be providing the first autograph free at MomoCon.  For additional autos and photos: Photo: $20, Autograph on 8×10 character prints: $30, Combo: $40, Autograph on 11×17 character prints: $40, Personalized Autograph on Funko Pop: $30, Un-personalized Autograph on Funko Pop: $60, Voice recording: $50

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