Caleb Hyles

Online Broadcaster

Disney, anime, Broadway, top 40: Caleb Hyles has done it all when it comes to cover songs!

With his big heart and an even bigger voice, Caleb has wowed millions across the globe with a multitude of musical styling and an infectious, positive attitude. Caleb Hyles has a history in musical theatre, having grown up in a family of musicians and thespians. There was no doubt that Caleb was born to be an entertainer of some kind! Caleb has been recognized by the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Tyler Oakley, DeeDee Magno Hall, and many others for his musical prowess. Ever since his viral hit, “Let It Go”, dropped in 2014, Caleb has not stopped growing his YouTube channel which has grown over 1 million subscribers. By holding live Q&As, and hosting a private Discord server with fans, Caleb has nurtured a growing community centered around a common love for all things music and fanatic nerdom.
He continues to produce new content on a weekly basis and is expanding his reach onto other platforms, such as Twitch! This endeavor, entitled CalebHylesMusic, is where Caleb gets to interact one-on-one with an ever-growing audience of generous, kind and free-spirited individuals looking to make good friends and have a good times. It is evident that big things are happening with Caleb. He hopes that anyone and everyone will join him for the ride. As Caleb says at the end of his videos, “Peace, love, and metal!!”
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