Appearing at MomoCon on thu fri sat sun

BeeNerdish, who is continually inspired by Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and all things magical, has been deeply immersed in sewing and nerd-craftsmanship since 2011. Born and raised in Georgia, she has always had a deep appreciation for costumes and the techniques behind their creation. This artist focuses on creating pieces to emphasize the passion and creativity of the cosplay community. Her small business celebrates imagination and personality, focusing on empowering cosplayers in any stage of their journey. Her handmade plushies have sold internationally and have gained a wide following on many social-media platforms, garnering an awareness for the community she whole-heartedly supports. When she is not sewing, she is chomping down on pizza and dreaming of owls with cute glasses.  Photo by Kenny Letelier Photography

Instagram: @beenerdish

Twitter: @beenerdish

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