Thrill Builds


Thrill Builds has at various times worked in a crayon factory, released charting music as an EDM recording artist-songwriter, took a turn as Director of Marketing and Creative Development for an indy media studio, as a freelance comic book letterer, and held assorted roles in film and television. In between she’s also found time to make the odd costume, including recreating the Black Panther’s Dora Milaje for Marvel’s “Becoming” series and serve as a Director of Atlanta’s largest free fan event: the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo. She’s previously discussed her involvement in fandom and media as a panelist/presenter at San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, MomoCon, the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo, BlerdCon, OnyxCon, and the State of Black Science Fiction convention.

Photo credit Khari Sampson

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